Summer holidays: Belgians give more compliments than Greeks and Italians



Summer’s here and that can only mean 1 thing: holidays! Many of us are visiting sunny places like Spain, Italy or Greece in the coming months. All of these holiday destinations are known for their blissful weather, endless beaches and delicious food. But we couldn’t help but wonder: what about the local population? So we dove into our database. The results of our survey among 280,000 users? Italians and Spaniards consider themselves cheerful, the Greeks and French describe themselves as honest. And while Greek men wouldn’t easily say no to a steamy sex date, Belgian men are a bit more hesitant.

Italians consider themselves cheerful, the French go for honest

How would you describe yourself? That’s the question we asked our users from Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Greece and Turkey – the most popular holiday destinations among Belgians. Out of more than twenty characteristics, cheerful, honest and calm dominated the top 3.

What’s striking: while Italians and Spaniards think of themselves as cheerful, the Greeks and French consider themselves honest. Turks, on the other hand, label themselves as accommodating. Belgium is the only country with humorous in the top 3.

The characteristics that Twoo users from the above countries use the least to describe themselves? Suspicious, introverted and possessive are at the bottom of the list.

Greek men wouldn’t say no to a passionate sex date

Our survey reveals that Greek men wouldn’t object to sex dates at all. 74.8% answered yes wholeheartedly to the question “would you date someone just for sex”. That makes Greek men the hottest, followed by the Italians (65.3%) and the Spaniards (61%)… What do they say again about southern temperaments?

For women, the percentages are much lower in general. With 29.8% Turkish women appear to be the most open to a sex date. They are closely followed by the Greek ladies with 29.7%. The third place is occupied by the French women (22%).

Remarkably, Belgians appear to be a lot less naughty than the inhabitants of the holiday countries. Only 13.9% of women and 40.7% of men are up for a sex date.

Belgian women are generous with compliments

Imagine you meet someone who makes your heart beat faster, would you dare to approach that person to let them know you find them attractive? In general, the Greek (57.3%) and Italian casanovas (50.35%) seem generous with compliments. But Belgian men are even more impressive! 68.5% would compliment an attractive passer-by. Belgian women stand out as well in this regard. They give compliments a lot more often (55.5%) than women from the other countries surveyed (18-37%).