Women run away from love declarations on a first date



How do Belgians feel about cheating and is there such a thing as too much affection? Guys, take note: our survey among more than 10,000 Belgians reveals that twice as many women as men would run away screaming from a love declaration on the first date!

Once a cheater, always a cheater

Imagine you have a serious relationship and find out that your partner has cheated on you in a drunken haze. How do you react? Our survey shows that women would have a harder time dealing with this than men.

51% of women versus 41.8% of men would never be able to forgive their partner. No less than 53% of Belgian women support the statement “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. With 44%, men seem to trust slightly more in the goodness of mankind. Remarkably, 34.3% of both Belgian men and women believe that someone who made a mistake in the past will be able to stay faithful to the right person.

Are men more romantic than women after all?

Let’s have a closer look at the relationships themselves. 34% of Belgians seem to be in favour of infinite affection. Mainly men (36.9%) seem to give in to endless hugs and kisses, compared to 31.1% of women.

Men also seem to be bigger suckers for dramatic love stories: 25% of men call hopeless, unrequited love “romantic”, as opposed to 20% of women. Women more often refer to words like “creepy” and “stupid” to describe this type of behaviour.

Premature love declarations

So, are men more romantic than women after all? If we look at the opinions about early love declarations: definitely.

With 46.3% almost twice as many Belgian women as men (24.3%) think a love declaration on a first date is downright terrifying.

Whereas 66.4% of women find it disturbing when a partner idolizes them, men (59.8%) seem to have less problems with this kind of compliments…