World Compliment Day: spread the good vibes



What better way to honour World Compliment Day than with a campaign that lasts all month? During the month of March we’ll challenge our users to say “yes” to each other a bit more often. “Yes, I’m open to get to know you, just the way you are”. In short: don’t pin down on a first impression and say “yes” to each other this month.

Connections in times of… no time

In this digital era it is very easy to talk to many people in a short time. But meeting new people requires time, energy, effort. Things we think we don’t have enough in the daily rat race. A simple proof: on Twoo people swipe on average 10 times per minute. Is that really giving someone a chance? No. Certainly not when you consider that 75% of those votes is a swipe to the left.

Our goal is very easy: bringing people in touch who otherwise might never cross each other’s paths. Whether they’re looking for a good conversation, friendship or love, it’s all possible. We’re always happy when people find each other. Our match score certainly helps, but a high percentage is obviously not enough. As long as we’re not prepared to give each other a real chance, a score remains just a number.

Say “yes” to each other more often

Life is all about the people you meet. It’s about that wise person with the good advice. It’s about that crazy girl whose dancing shoes match yours. It’s about that shoulder to lean on. It’s about your workout buddy, your listening ear, your honest critic. Yet we often treat each other very harshly: we judge others based on 1 selfie, without taking the time to get to know the person behind the camera.

We’ve noticed that more and more people are looking for an alternative to the too-quick swiping through profile photos. That’s why at the end of last year we opted for “Explore”, our new feed that enables our users to share more expressive content. Thanks to Explore almost 20% more connections have been formed. That is exactly what we would like to see happen to all our users: that they swipe right a little more often and give each other a fair chance.

As of today – 1 March aka World Compliment Day – we will start a campaign urging our users to be a bit nicer to each other. Prepare for a flow of fluffiness and love.

3 tips for meaningful online interactions

Are you in? We’ve got a few tips to get you started!

  1.     Take initiative. Take the initiative to show more of yourself, but also to start a conversation yourself. Don’t wait for someone to talk to you, send a message yourself. What better way to do this than by giving an honest, sincere compliment? Pro tip: give a Super Like. As a compliment, it stands out – and our stats show your chance of a match is 260% higher with a Super Like.
  1.     Dare to show who you are. Sure, that one selfie that shows your best side is great. But you’re so much more than that carefully selected profile photo. Dare to show who you are: your favourite places, your favourite pastimes, your favourite people… This way it will also be easier for others to talk to you. A compliment about your new outfit or cute pug is always welcome, isn’t it?
  1.     Go for a real conversation. By this we mean that you give your chat partner the attention they really deserve. As Bill Nye nicely put it: “Everyone you will ever meet, knows something you don’t”. Or: everyone has something to tell. Give people the chance to talk, listen to what they have to say, show genuine interest. You’ll be surprised, we promise.