Humour is more important than money



Tomorrow is April Fools’ Day, better known as the day we like to pull pranks on each other. We dove straight into our stats to find out how important humour is to Belgians and which types of jokes leave us wanting more. The results? 58% of Belgians indicate that humour is a very important personality trait. Witty jokes or puns score best, but Belgians also like more daring humour.

Funny beats rich

When searching for potential matches, a good sense of humour ranks high on our list. 58% of Belgians indicate that humour is a very important personality trait. Women (62%) attach more importance to humour than men (54%).

Humour is clearly more important than e.g. wealth or an extensive group of friends: only 14% of Belgians think the size of a savings account is an important factor, 49% think the size of someone’s group of friends matters.

Wittiness wins us over

No doubt about it, humour is the way to go, but which jokes do Belgians prefer? Witty jokes (70%) are a clear winner, followed by sarcasm (19%) and slapstick (10%). Even though only 8% of women choose slapstick, with 20% they are more inclined than men (15%) to laugh when someone stumbles and falls before their eyes.


Are there still taboos? Definitely, but less for men than for women. 39% of Belgian men think you can make fun of anything, compared to 24% of Belgian women. Men (15%) tend to like ‘dirty jokes’ more than women (9%). They also make more jokes that make others feel uncomfortable (26% vs. 19%) and have less problems with racist jokes than women (23% vs. 35%).