Twoo tip: Live it? Share it!


Peeking through pictures.

Meeting new people is not always easy. We all have our preferences, but what exactly makes us want to get to know someone? His eyes? Her smile? Those help, but we’re of course also curious about their lifestyle.

Since a person is more than 1 or 2 carefully chosen pictures, we recently revamped user profiles to show more than just the basics. The picture grid shows all profile and public photos, allowing for a better representation of the person behind the profile.

Those little peeks into a person’s life also allow for better conversation starters. A compliment on clothes, saying how cute that pet is, asking whether they enjoyed their latest trip, …  It all works better than the ‘hello beautiful’ that has lost all meaning and only leaves us rolling our eyes.

New shoes, cute pet, fun citytrip, beautiful sunset, crazy hike, great night out? Share it! Other people get a better idea of who you are, and in return you’ll get more interesting conversations.



To make these life glimpses even more visible, we’re currently testing a new feature called Explore. Explore is designed to be a refreshing stream of newly uploaded posts, showing you only meaningful, fresh content. During Explore’s testing period, we’re tweaking its algorithm to make sure the glimpses you share get the attention they deserve.

How to upload pictures.

Ready to share your glimpses? Let us remind you how you can:

On desktop & mobile: go to your own profile, click the + button in your grid to add a new picture, select the source and the desired picture.

For those of you who see Explore in their mobile app, swiping right will allow you to upload a new picture right from within Explore.



Bring on those glimpses!