Galentine’s Day: 59.5% of Belgians would not stop seeing a friend if their partner asked them to



Today is February 13, better known as Galentine’s Day, a contraction of “Girls” and “Valentine’s Day”. On Galentine’s Day girls and guys around the globe get together with their pals to celebrate friendship. But how important is friendship to Belgians? Will we celebrate Galentine’s or stick to Valentine’s Day? Another excuse for us to dive into our stats! What did we find? Over half of the 2,500 Belgians surveyed would not stop seeing a friend because his or her partner asked them to, but we don’t tell our friends often enough how much we care about them.

You gotta get with my friends

Over half of the Belgians (59.5%) would not stop seeing a friend because his or her partner asked them to. Women are remarkably more loyal to their friends than men. 68.8% would not comply with their partner’s request, compared to 50.2% of men. 25% of men would even immediately respect the wish of their partner to defriend someone.   

Although women seem more loyal, men have your back when you’re looking for a new job. Whereas 46.9% of men wouldn’t mind lying to help a friend get the perfect job, only 31.1% of women would do the same.

Thoughtful beats funny

We’re not only very loyal, we don’t mind spending a lot of time with our friends. Only 2% would mind spending 5 hours in a car with a friend.

Humour undoubtedly comes in handy during such a long car ride and yet 69.2% of the people surveyed prefer a compassionate friend to a friend with a good sense of humour. Heavy conversations in the car?

An overwhelming majority of Belgians (93.9%) have no objections to intersexual friendships. Yet only a little more than half of the friends groups consist of a nice mix of men and women.

Where is the love?

If there’s one thing we can improve: we don’t tell our friends enough how much they mean to us. 30.2% of Belgian men and 17% of women never tell their friends how much they care about them.

We also looked at how Belgians feel about online friendships. We found out that 59.7% thinks you can have a true friendship with someone you’ve never met in person. Awesome to hear considering more than half of our users use Twoo to find new friends!

This is also evident from the testimonial of Erna:

“I met lots of friends using Twoo”, she wrote to us. “It’s great fun to build a social network this way: someone is always available for a good conversation or a coffee! What’s more: when I wanted to sell my house I could rely on one of my Twoo friends. He happens to work as a real estate agent and was immediately ready to give me an idea of the value of my house. It’s good to know you have friends you can count on!”