International Student Day: 1 in 10 Belgian Youth Doesn’t Feel Complete Being Single



Tomorrow is International Student Day, the ideal opportunity to find out what Belgian youngsters expect from a relationship. Are they looking for a great love story or are they interested in superficial flirting? Our research from more than 5,000 Belgians shows that young people (18-24 years old) have a much more romantic image of relationships than older generations. Passion, pampering and sharing the finances: our youth are really romantic. For 50% of the youth, a loved one is someone for whom they would do anything.

Supersingles? Do young people still need a relationship?
Our research shows that young people do not feel comfortable being single. Only 14.8% of girls interviewed and 7.3% of the boys interviewed say they feel complete being single, compared to 39.8% and 30.3% respectively in men and women over 25 years old. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re unhappy without a relationship. Only 17% of girls and 26.6% of boys indicate that they can’t be happy unless they’re in a relationship.

Young people believe in the online relationship
With the question “Is it possible to have a real relationship with someone you’ve never met?”, young respondents reacted more positively than those 25 years old and over. 63.4% of girls and even 74.5% of boys consider an online relationship as equivalent. Older generations are more cautious: only 53.8% of women and 58.9% of men believe in the authenticity of an online relationship.

Passion and indulgence: Chivalry is not dead
Our findings show that Belgian youth have a very romantic image of how a relationship should be. In contrast to older generations (15.8%), young people (24.3%) consider it important to spoil their partners regularly with expensive presents.

It’s also remarkable that girls prefer passion over devotion: 64.7% find passion more important than devotion. In women over 25 years old, that number is only 55.9%. In addition, boys and girls under the age of 25 are more open to sharing finances. 58.2% of young people are willing to share financial ownership with their partner in a serious relationship. Older people are more cautious with only 50% saying they would share their property.

That romantic side of Belgian youth is also evident in how they understand the term “partner”. “For 50% of the youth a loved one is someone they would do anything for. Only 35% of the people over 25 agree on this definition.