World Animal Day: 58% of Belgians prefer their dog on a leash and not in bed



Tomorrow is World Animal Day, the day when pets will be pampered and loved on by their owners. This was the perfect opportunity for Belgian dating app Twoo to look into what Belgians think about animals and their relationships. It seems animal love runs deep within Belgians, yet 58% would rather not share their bed with a pet.

Your dog or your life?
Cats, dogs, rabbits or even snakes – animals clearly hold a special place in the hearts of Belgians. A survey of 2,000 Belgians on dating app Twoo reveals that the majority would risk his or her life to save an animal in need. In fact, one-fifth of Belgian men and one-fourth of Belgian women find animals more important than people.

Preferably no animal in bed
Belgians clearly have a heart for animals, but they prefer a good night’s sleep even more. 58% would rather not share a bed with their partner’s pet. For 15% of respondents, a pet in bed is even reason enough to call things quit and end the relationship.

We have not polled the reasons for this aversion, but perhaps it’s a dislike for excessive hair. Interestingly enough, our figures also show that as many as 55% of Belgians do not want to date someone with abnormal amounts of body hair.

The solution? Maybe a nude cat 😉