Introducing: the new and improved Twoo Android app.


We proudly present …


Yes, dear Android users, this is the moment you have all been waiting for. With blood, sweat, tears, mind dazzling skills, insane coding and never-ending persistence, our developers have created a new Twoo Android app.

After listening to your feedback and taking lessons from our tests in the iOS app, we have decided to fully redesign the Android app. With this new version, you’ll always enjoy a fast and smooth Twoo experience while on the go. Yes, that includes those moments where your computer is just one step too far away.


Here’s your menu…

The biggest visual change in the new app is the rearranged menu. A clean and logical menu, even if we say so ourselves. You’ll find it at the bottom of your screen. All features in the app can be accessed through one of these 5 icons.




  • Tapping the Thumbs up icon will open a screen where you can discover profiles in a fast and fun way and check who likes you.
  • The icon with the four squares will open the search page, where you can apply all your precious filters. Filters can be accessed through the sliders icon at the bottom right.
  • As you can already guess, the speech bubble icon will open your messages for you. Did we mention our new menu was logical? 😉 At the top of the page, you will find the people you’ve liked. This way, you can quickly start a conversation with them.
  • The little bell is the door to your notifications. The Activity tab informs you when someone visited your profile or left a comment or like on one of your pictures. The Requests tab will let you know  when  a user would like you to fill out your profile or answer a question. The top of this page shows people in the Spotlight.
  • Last but definitely not least, clicking the avatar icon will show you your own Twoo profile, and everything that goes with it. Head here to make changes to your profile, add pictures, manage your Premium subscription and credits or change your Settings (the gear wheel, indeed). Click on the heart to the left of your lovely profile picture to find your matches and the people you like.

Because we don’t want you to get lost – and breadcrumbs are a bit old fashioned – we’re lighting up the icon of the menu part you’re currently using.


Enjoy it!

Go to the Play Store, download our shiny new app, play around with it and let us know what you think. As crazy about our new app as we are? Don’t forget to leave us a nice review on the Play Store!