Bye bye swiping: we’re sending our users on an inspiring journey.


Twoo’s buzzing with some exciting changes coming up. The most profound one being ‘Explore’, a refreshing feed with a stream of newly uploaded posts. We noticed that more and more people are searching for an alternative for the too-quick swiping through profile photos. That’s why we decided to give them the option to share more meaningful content.


No more social window shopping

A bit of data diving showed us the dazzling speed at which users swipe and judge: on average, users do 10 swipes per minute. That means it only takes about 6 seconds to decide whether they swipe someone into a possible future or into oblivion.

A person is of course more than 1 or 2 carefully picked profile photos. The new Explore shows the person behind the profile and invites people to share updates regularly. Your favourite hot spots, favourite people, favourite hobbies …  They all make you who you are.

A new way to get in touch

Not only allows Explore users to express who they are, what they do and what they like through photos and videos, it also makes it easier for them to interact with each other. This way, Twoo brings people in touch that might never cross paths otherwise. We’re always happy when people find each other. Whether it’s for a good conversation, friendship or love, everything is possible.

Now what are the changes?

Because we all are more than just a photo, profiles received a facelift. Instead of the old focus on that one profile photo, the new profiles give you a broader impression of the person behind the profile. Last month, we got rid of the limit for photo uploads. From now on you can share without limits on Twoo. On top of that, all new posts will show up in Explore. That way, you’ll have more chances and angles to get to know each other.

First results are promising

Explore is currently in test phase, only a few users can already use Explore. The first results show 20% more connections, and reactions are enthusiastic. To be continued!