Belgium fights Monday blues with online dating



Online dating is hot. Worldwide swiping singles are paving the way for the online dating scene. On the bus, in their seats, on the toilet – thanks to the almighty smartphone there’s always a match to be made. But is swiping only done in private, or do Belgians also look to make a match during their work day? The Belgian dating app Twoo reviewed the surfing behavior of 80,000 Belgians and did some research. So what’s the conclusion? Work or no work, Belgians regularly turn to online dating on Mondays.

The early bird catches the worm! With a coffee in hand and a smartphone in tow, even as early as 6 am, activity on Belgian dating site Twoo starts to warm up. Not even the working day can slow things down, because people keep on swiping and try their luck. It turns out Monday is the best day to score a date online. The first day of the week is very productive, at least when you look at the number of chats. On Mondays, Belgian daters are active on Twoo practically the entire day. Tuesday afternoon is the runner-up. After the lunch break on Tuesday, the phone fidgeting begins.

But not everyone is comfortable with online dating at work. Twoo records a peak in online activity during lunch breaks. A lunch break clearly means two things: quickly grab a sandwich and a smartphone. After lunch: back to work! But that working ethic appears to be short-lived, because at 3.30pm, activity on Twoo exceeds the peak of the afternoon break. The peak around the lunch break happens everyday like clockwork. The only exception being Saturday, when people are tending to other personal obligations. In addition, women appear to be less active on Twoo than men on working hours. Who knew men could multitask?

Belgian bosses: there is a very simple explanation for this behavior. When Belgians have to choose between their dream job and their soulmate, 93% opt for finding their soulmate. A career is important for Belgians. But finding that one special person is just that much more important.