Makeout Marathon during Gentse Feesten



From the 14th to the 23rd of July, the yearly mass of partiers will join the festive summer celebrations happening in Ghent, Twoo’s hometown. For the 174th edition of the Gentse Feesten, Twoo will host a ‘Makeout Marathon’ at the Vlasmarkt. Every night at 2 am, the Vlasmarkt will become the hottest place in Ghent as people come to liven up their night. The Vlasmarkt already has quite the reputation, so there’s no better place to pull someone by the shirt than over there.

French kissing, making out, smooching, tongue wrestling, snogging, you name it. There’s as many terms for kissing as there are ways to do it! Sometimes sensual, sometimes with so much passion that your head is left spinning. Eyes closed or eyes opened – no, no, always with your eyes closed! There’s nothing worse than catching someone’s eye during a makeout session. One thing is for sure, though: the best way to learn is by doing.

That’s why Twoo is organising a makeout marathon every night of the Gentse Feesten. Just like last year, we want to create an event at the Vlasmarkt that keeps the temperatures rising and the fun spirit alive. Anyone and everyone is welcome to turn the Vlasmarkt square into the hottest spot in Ghent at 2 am.

In addition to the marathon, Twoo will send out a Ghent Flirt Tip everyday for 10 days via Twitter with the hashtag #zoenwemuilen. Twoo wants to keep the Gentse Feesten loving and carefree with this sultry summer campaign. It promises to be 10 very passionate days.

What do you think? Can you take the heat at the Vlasmarkt this year? See you there!