Looking for love as a single parent



It’s International Day of Families, so we thought we’d take a look at love from a modern perspective. In 2017, the reality is that many single parents are looking for love and want to create a new blended kind of family. This situation is far more common than you’d think, with 57.8% of women and 43.1% of men identifying as parents on Twoo. Maybe their past relationships didn’t work out but they’re still looking to give love another try.

It’s just me, myself, and…my family

So, how do you go about dating when it’s no longer just about you? How do you find the right balance between being there for your kids and diving back into the dating scene? How do you handle the situation when your Prince Charming has children from a previous relationship?

We hope you weren’t holding your breath for an answer, because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution here. Dating without kids is complicated on its own, and having children adds a few extra layers to the situation. Not to mention, sometimes the words stepmother, stepfatheror anything stepcan walk a fine line of sounding villain.

While this topic is very personal and can lead to endless opinionated discussions, we’re happy to announce there’s no longer a taboo around single parents joining the dating scene. And as with anything, honesty goes a long way when it comes to deciding on what you want for yourself or what you don’t want in your future partner.

Let’s start with some statistics

So, how important is a family situation to singles looking for love on dating sites? For Belgian Twoo users, it’s interesting to note that the willingness to date someone with children is pretty high at 86%. The majority indicates they would even enjoy taking on a parental role over someone else’s children. It turns out women are a bit more hesitant to assume a parental role – could it be women are more aware of the difficulties?

Furthermore, we noticed that only a small group of Belgians (9%) cared to actually fill out the part about having children or not on their profile, and the group of Belgians using filters regarding children is almost negligible (0.13%). People who do use it as a criteria have most likely indicated their family situation on their own profiles (79.06%).

The most active approach can be found among people indicating they want children sooner rather than later, with 57% of them filtering their search results based on family status. Most of them have a preference for partners that also want children at some point, or that already have children.

Happily together ever after?

The good news is that we can conclude that someone’s family situation is not the highest priority for Belgian daters. Additionally, providing the information does not necessarily mean they use it as a criteria when looking for a partner. Instead, most people take things as they come and evaluate each situation separately.

So for those of you with children: people might be a lot more up to dating a single parent than you would think! And for the lucky ones that have a beautiful love baby or a happily blended family because of Twoo, feel free to share your story with us!

Happy International Day of Families, everyone!