1 in 5 Belgians are against the smoking ban in bars



Tomorrow is World No Tobacco Day, a worldwide campaign created by the World Health Organisation to highlight the risks associated with tobacco use. In light of that day, dating app Twoo dove into their database of more than 1,500,000 Belgian members to see their thoughts on the unhealthy habit. The influence of smoking on our health is obvious, but what about the impact smoking has on our social lives?

Smoking, is it a major deal breaker?
The data reveals that 32% of Belgian Twoo members smoke. More specifically, almost 27% of women and 35% of men do. On the other hand, 44% of users do not want a smoking partner and think cigarettes are a deal breaker. It’s interesting to note that 19% of female respondents wouldn’t even consider going on a date with a smoker.

Around 96% of non-smokers are consciously looking for a non-smoking partner. The same goes for smokers; they are mostly looking for a fellow smoker, although the correlation here is lower with 16% of smokers preferring a non-smoking partner despite their own smoking habits.

Smoking in bars: a social thing or just not done?
Smoking in bars has been banned in Belgium since 2011 in an effort to decrease the effects of secondhand smoke. The ban wasn’t made in vain as Twoo’s research indicates that more than half of Belgian users experience the negative effects of smoking indoors. Especially women (59% as opposed to 53% of men) and elderly people (65% as opposed to 50% of youngsters) claim to be hindered by secondhand smoke.

“Opinions about smoking are clearly very divided. However, the adversity towards smoking seems to be very explicit among non-smokers and even 1/5 of smokers would prefer to partner up with a non-smoker. If you’re hoping for a successful date, you better think twice before lighting that cigarette”, says Lien Louwagie, spokesperson at Twoo.