Sex is better than coffee



Still looking for a date? Dig up your smartphone, swipe left and right and invite your match to a date. But how do you go about that? Is it best to start the conversation with “Hello baby, what’s up?”, with an emoji or a compliment? Dating site dived into its statistics and compiled a list of great pickup lines and lines to be avoided.

A good pickup line doesn’t have to be complicated. Analysis of more than 700.000 Dutch messages shows that a simple “hey” seems to work best, especially in combination with the first name of the person you’re addressing. Men tend to use “good day” often, but that doesn’t sit well with the ladies: chances of a response are 50% lower than with “hey”.

Kudos to the men though: numbers show they have to put in a lot more effort in order to score a reply. A tip for men: add a compliment. When your first message contains ‘beautiful lady’ or ‘you look radiant”, it will increase your chances of receiving a reply exponentially. Being polite always works as well: checking if you’re not disturbing guarantees a friendly answer.

What are the things you better avoid saying to a potential date? Surprisingly: “Happy birthday” scores really badly, although that might have to do with the fact that one is overloaded with birthday wishes on that day. But to be on the safe side, you might want to choose another day and another message. What’s remarkable is that wishing someone a Merry Christmas seems to be a good conversation starter. Too bad you only get to use that holiday spirit just once a year!

Rules of thumb:

● Keep it simple. “Hey” might not be very original, but it increases your chances of receiving a reply.
● Wish each other a Merry Christmas, but not a happy birthday.
● “The smiling poop”: Emojis work, especially a smiling face and a winking face. It gives you a positive vibe.

Tips from Belgian authors Herman Brusselmans and Heleen Debruyne

Twoo sought out advice with an established and an upcoming Belgian author, asking them for their best pickup line.

Herman Brusselmans: “I’ll be impotent from tomorrow onwards, will you be my last sex partner?”

Twoo expert: “Statistics for messages with the word ‘sex’ were surprising: 30% more chance to get a reply in comparison to the average. More extensive research shows that such messages only are successful when they refer to information on the profile of the receiver. A misplaced message can quickly lead to a block. Herman’s conversation starter is a bit risky, but thanks to the humorous note it has a good chance of success.“

Heleen Debruyne: “Let’s look beyond the letters on our screen. Coffee?”

Twoo expert: “Inviting someone for coffee is definitely not a bad idea, but our numbers tell us that pickup lines with the word “coffee” score 40% worse than average. Perhaps the Flemish are not so keen on drinking coffee, or setting up a date without chatting a bit first might be a bridge too far?”