Are you the real deal?



Twoo is a community with 10 million active users. That’s almost the entire population of The Netherlands. Users come in all shapes and sizes, but all of them have one thing in common – their quest for love. And Twoo is here to guide them on that path.

Since every user is looking for that one special person, the search is definitely not an easy one. So this is how you probably imagine it all going down. After hacking your way through the jungle of likes and matches, the stars align and it finally appears. Jackpot. That one person you were looking for. The ‘like’ turns into a ‘match’, and before you know it, you are messaging the night away. This is it, the start of something beautiful… Aaand then it turns out Sandra is actually Steve with some kind of a boring accounting job. Back to square one.

At Twoo we are constantly looking for ways to counter these kinds of situations. There are currently 10 different ways to verify a profile on Twoo, from Facebook verification to credit card and photo verification. But just one type of verification is not enough for us. The user needs at least 3 kinds of verifications to get a verified account. Just look for the verified icon on a user’s profile. Also, with a verified profile, users can choose to only be contacted by other verified users. This works both ways, of course.

We know this won’t stop every scammer from creating a fake account. But at least they’ll have to put a lot more effort into it. That’s why we are the first dating site to introduce video messages into the chat. It’s the best way to put a face and a voice to the user you are talking to. It doesn’t get much easier than that. No more anxiety and sweaty palms the day before your first meetup – you know it’s not fake.

Do you want high-quality conversations with a positive outcome? Verify your account and show the world you are the real deal.