Over-sixties don’t take safe sex too seriously



Over-sixties who are dating want to proceed to sex quickly. However, half of them has never done an STD test. On top of that, only a minority uses protection when having sex. These are the results we found after conducting a survey among our members.
“A lot of progress has been made when it comes to discussing sex, but it’s clear that there’s still a lot of work to be done in that area”, says Eline Van Audenaerde, spokesperson of Twoo.

People over 60 prove that you’re never too old to have sex. They’re still very active between the sheets, even more so, sex is still considered very important. Getting to know each other thoroughly before sleeping together is no longer a given. 67.50% would skip a relationship when their partner doesn’t want to have sex within the first 6 months. 18 to 24-year-olds have more patience: only 37% wouldn’t be prepared to wait 6 months.

Online dating is thriving among baby boomers and is a popular way of finding a bed partner. A little over half of them (58%) has already had sex with someone they’ve met on the Internet.  It takes 3-5 dates on average before people over 60 are prepared to have sex with someone they’ve met online. Surprisingly, in the age group of 18 to 24 “only” 49% has had sex with someone they’ve met online.

No safe sex

Sexual education campaigns are mainly aimed at young people. Nevertheless a lot of work needs to be done among people over 60. They are ruthless for others when it comes to STDs, but at the same time they take using protection lightly. A vast majority (80.50%) doesn’t want to date someone who’s had an STD in the past, but doesn’t take a lot of measures to limit the risks.
– Barely 17% of over-sixties always uses protection.
– Only 20% of over-sixties always discusses the risks of STDs before having sexual contact.
– 37% of over-sixties only gets tested when they are really worried.
– 58% never carries condoms on them.
– Half of over-sixties doesn’t want to hear too many details on the sexual past of their partner.


People over 60 aren’t completely ignorant when it comes to the risks that come with having unprotected sex. 67% is prepared to take an STD test when their partner wants them to. Over-sixties recognise the importance of sexual education, even though this doesn’t translate to their behaviour between the sheets. Half of them doesn’t take preventing STDs seriously.

Eline Van Audenaerde, spokesperson at Twoo: “Despite the progress that has been made in our society, our survey shows that there’s still a taboo about sex with people aged over 60. As the results show, this age group is still very sexually active, but they take prevention very lightly. Nonetheless, it’s important for people to know the risks and to talk openly about sex. With the generation of people over 60, it’s clear that there’s still room for improvement.

Sensoa (a Flemish centre of expertise for sexual health) is not surprised with these results. Boris Cruyssaert explains, “The results are in line of what we see in other surveys. Talking about sexuality and protecting yourself and your (bed) partner against STDs are relevant at any age, also when you’re over 60. Therefore, always use a condom when sleeping with a new partner. If you want to have sex without a condom, get tested for STDs by your GP.”

At Twoo we do whatever we can to keep our members safe and in our manual on online and offline safety we encourage our users to be aware of their personal responsibility to safeguard their own well-being.