How Euro 2016 affects online dating



No match during the match

The UEFA Euro 2016 has a major impact on online dating behaviour throughout Europe. During games we tend to see significant drops in online users on The number of visitors spikes up again during half-time breaks. “These changes in online dating behaviour are visible both for men and women.” We noticed the same trend during the World Cup two years ago.

What’s more, our stats will often show you who has won: “When the game is over, users in the winning country typically turn to Twoo more and longer than users in the country that has lost the game. This is especially noticeable in men. You could say that the euphoria of victory turns men into hunters.”, Twoo spokeswoman Lien Louwagie explains.

“If you think women don’t watch football, you’re wrong. However, women do seem to lose interest a little during the second half. With less male competition online on Twoo, men who do visit Twoo during games have a better shot at gaining women’s attention.”

If you ask us, a championship also serves as the perfect icebreaker: “You immediately have something to talk about. You can share the joy of a victory, or commiserate the loss together.”