Women can take the lead more than they think



Only 17% of women take the initiative for a first date


For the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, we thought the time was right to dig into our users’ views on equality between men and women. Surprisingly: men generally think it’s OK for women to take the lead in a number of areas. However, women themselves don’t seem to share that idea.

Men want women to take the lead

31% of men (compared to 17% of women) think women can always take the initiative for a first date. If the date is going well, 39% of men don’t mind if women initiate sex. Yet, only 25% of women think they can make the first move when it comes to sex.

While 32% of men like to be approached by women in a bar, only 22% of women feel comfortable enough to spark a conversation.

“We weren’t surprised by these figures”, Lien Louwagie, Community Director at Twoo, explains: “We see the same behaviour in the online world, where feedback of male users confirms women fail to take the initiative or even fail to reply. About 76% of conversations on Twoo are initiated by men. However, it does improve with age: older women are more likely to reach out first than their younger counterparts.

Nicolas Van Hoorde, Product Director at Twoo, continues: “Getting female users to chat more is one of our biggest challenges. We’re currently working on some features that should make chatting a more comfortable experience for women. The first results look promising!”

Men do remain traditional when it comes to the classic question “Who’s paying the bill?”, 67% think women never have to pay.

Equal rights?

When asked whether men and women should have equal rights, 84% of men reply ‘yes’ wholeheartedly. We’ve come a long way since the struggle for women’s emancipation started in 1908.