Spice up your conversations with Clips



Have you tried our latest awesome feature Clips?

You can now send each other video messages of maximum 15 seconds. Once the recipient has viewed the Clip, it’s gone forever, just like on Snapchat. “This is a first for the online dating world,” says Nicolas Van Hoorde, Director of Product at Twoo.

The videos serve a dual purpose, explains Lien Louwagie, Community Director at Twoo: “They make our users’ chat experience even more enjoyable. For many users chatting is the main reason to visit an online dating site. Adding videos makes chatting more dynamic, efficient and most of all more fun. Second, it allows you to avoid the disappointment users on other dating websites often experience: that the other person is not who they claim to be or is using a very old picture.”

Later this year we’ll also add video to the profile page, so users can present themselves in short Clips rather than the classic profile descriptions. This will also contribute to making meeting people more enjoyable and fun than it is today.

Furthermore, we’ve been optimising our platform for usage on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Online dating sites are increasingly used by people on the go, for instance on the train or while waiting for a lunch partner. With a record number of 14 million unique visitors in December, our goal is clear: becoming the most successful online dating platform in the world.