Belgians prefer to date on the beach



Summertime, and the dating is easy. That’s how this classic song most likely would have sounded if a Belgian had written the lyrics. Belgians love to go outside for a date, and what better place to head to than the beach? By the way, they’re also quite open-minded when it comes to having sex on the first date: a good half of them would be open to it.


Nearly 6 out of 10 Belgians (58.6%) take their date to the beach. Going for dinner or drinks is considerably less popular. While only 1 out of 3 (30.3%) books a table for two, having a drink appeals to no more than 1 out of 10 (11.1%). The beach however is not the preferred first-date spot for all Europeans in our survey. The Brits (36.8%) and the French (35.7%) are the least in favour of a beach date.

Sex on the beach

Whoever thought Belgians were prudes will have to think again. About half of Belgians wouldn’t say no to sex after a first rendez-vous. Although, we have to note that this percentage can be attributed predominantly to the men surveyed. 61.7% of them are open to a ‘happy ending’, as opposed to only 20.5% of women. Under the right circumstances, an overwhelming 9 out of 10 Belgians would kiss on a first date.

Surprisingly enough, 76.1% of Belgians think that having a good conversation during the first date is more important than physical attraction. They also seem to enjoy a bit of mystery. Around 3 out of 10 Belgians do some detective work via Google before venturing out on a date.