Belgians the most sociable among festivalgoers


The festival season has started again, and here at Twoo, we thought it would be the perfect time to find out more about the social habits of European festivalgoers, so we set up a survey among over 3000 members of the Twoo community.

Out of the 5 surveyed countries (the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany and the UK), Belgians turned out to be the most sociable. Almost 60% of Belgian festivalgoers (58.6%) said they like to make new friends at festivals. Of those 60%, 32.5% also keep in touch with their new friends after the festival has ended. Second most sociable at festivals are the Brits: 52% of them make new friends at festivals. And with 50,6% being sociable, the third place is for the French. The least sociable among the revellers are the Germans, with 56.9% claiming they don’t befriend new people at festivals.

While Germans may not be very keen on making new friends, they are the most willing to jump into the sack with someone they’ve met at a festival. 17.3% of them have had a one-night stand at a festival exactly once, and 11.5% claim to have regular casual encounters. The second most likely to hook up with someone at a festival are the British, followed by the Dutch and the French in third and fourth place. Although Belgians can be very sociable, they certainly won’t be the first to get down and dirty. Out of the countries in the survey, they were the least likely to have had a one night stand at a festival, with 83.8% indicating they have never had a one night stand at a festival.

Of course, it’s not all about sex. The festival grounds can also be the perfect place for a bit of romance. Although relatively few of the respondents have found the love of their lives at a festival, many of them are open to the idea of a festival date. 34% of the Brits love the idea, but the Germans (with 29,9%) and the French (with 20,1%) are also looking for love at festivals.

Have a happy festival season!