Falling in Love Online – A whopping 65% of Twoo users believe it’s possible!


As the world becomes more and more connected, we tend to meet, socialise and at times, fall in love with people who don’t share the same background and culture as we do. Since we have many users on Twoo from all around the world, we thought that it would be a great idea to dig into this topic and find the truth behind relationship values. We’ve chosen the following countries to analyse: Belgium, Italy, India, UK and the US. The results were impressive!


What do partners around the world fear the most?

Every relationship is different and unique to those who form part of it, but what do people around the world fear most when it comes to relationships?

UK & India

When observing the stats for the UK and India we found that, although both countries may not be closely located, their relationship fears were close enough.

For the Brits (48.1%) and Indians (39.7%), those wishing to spend the rest of their lives with the same person, mostly fear the possibility of their partner being unfaithful.

Italy & Belgium

In Italy, a massive 49.7% of users mostly fear the possible lack of communication between them and their partner. It is not the first time that we’ve heard about couples ending their relationship due to communication issues.
However, Italy isn’t the only European country feeling this way. The Belgians (44.0%) mostly fear lack of communication with their better half, followed by their partner’s unfaithfulness (41.9%).


How do users feel in a whole different continent, such as the US? Our analysis shows a tie with 43.0% of users fearing their partner’s unfaithfulness and 43.8% of them fearing lack of communication.


Can you fall in love with someone you’ve only conversed with online?

We’ve asked our users whether they believe that a person can fall in love with someone they have only spoken to online.

Lo and behold, India scored the highest in ‘yes’ votes with 65.1% when asked whether love can happen only through online communication. The US followed in second place with 63.5%. In third place we had the UK with 61.9% and Italy with 59.9%.

From all countries, Belgium was the least confident in falling in love online without ever having met the other person, but still achieved the majority of votes with 55.4% believing that it could indeed happen!

If you’re looking for love on the internet, now you know which countries are most open to it!


Which relationship timeline would you choose?

We’ve broken down the timeline into 4 parts – Friendship – Lovers – Attraction and Love.

Our users were asked for their preferred relationship timeline to give us an indication of which aspects are most important in their culture. If you’re interested in dating someone foreign, we’ve got the inside scoop!

In the US, the most wanted timeline (36.5%) was the above, starting with the science of attraction. The Americans were not alone in this choice; both the Brits (41.6%) and the Belgians (41.4%) feel that this is the best timeline for them.

Interestingly, almost half of Italians (46.5%) prefer falling in love with someone after sleeping with them, as they opted for the above timeline.

Over a third of Indians (34.4%) would prefer a different timeline than all the above countries. They believe that friendship is the starting point of any relationship, as their preferred timeline prioritises friendship over everything else, including attraction.


In conclusion: relationship values do indeed differ from country to country. Now that you’re equipped with global relationship knowledge, get on Twoo.com to find yourself a perfect match! Enjoy.

Team Twoo