Glenn, 22, Aalst, Belgium
“I have found a girlfriend.”

Since Twoo launched in 2011, we’ve come to realise that people use the site for all sorts of reasons. Here at Twoo HQ, we’ve always thought of ourselves as a social discovery platform, not a dating site. We want to give our users a safe, friendly place to meet new people quickly. But the plain fact is that every once in a while – online and in the real world – a friendship deepens into something more.

Every week, we receive hundreds of messages from people all over the world – testimonials from Twoo members who met through the site and have taken things to the next level. It’s a special feeling to know that we’ve played a part in these success stories, so we thought we’d share the love and present a selection of highlights from the last few months.

Let’s kick things off with Marissa from the Netherlands, who was sent an invite to Twoo by a friend and signed up. After a month of chatting, she met up with her now-boyfriend: “We’ve been happy together for two months now! I’m glad I joined this site,” she says. This is a sentiment echoed by Jolijn from Belgium – she and her future beau clicked right off the bat as friends, and then quickly became a couple. “Seven months later, we live together and are super happy!” she writes. Miss from Bulgaria, expanding on the theme, explains: “At the first meeting, we knew we wanted to be together.” They’ve now lived together for three months.

Meanwhile, Giuseppe from Venezuela sent us big hugs for putting him in touch with his “beautiful woman”, while Juliana from Brazil is over the moon: “I already found my soulmate and I’m very happy!”

However, our favourite message of recent times goes one step further, and really sums up the full potential of Twoo as a place to meet new people. “It started as a small friendship,” says Joseph from Portugal, “and now we’re engaged.” Congratulations, and hooray!

Joseph, 30, Setúbal, Portugal

Joseph, 30, Setúbal, Portugal

Juliana, 20, São José dos Campos, Brazil

Quỳnh Như, 20, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam









We think the comments above show that we’re doing a good job introducing like-minded people to one another around the world. But what does the future hold? Only time – and you – will tell. Whether you’re using Twoo to socialise or to meet your one true love (or anything in between), we love hearing your stories. It means the world to Team Twoo to know that we’re helping people to find happiness!

So keep us in the loop by e-mailing your story to info-en@twoo.com.

And whatever the reason you’re on Twoo, have fun!

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