Get Real

verified logoHere at Twoo HQ, we’re always working on ways to improve the user experience for our lovely members. Our community is 15 million strong, and growing all the time.

We’ve always adopted a zero tolerance stance on fake profiles at Twoo, and that’s why we’re launching a new feature that lets our users prove who they are. Let’s say you spot someone interesting on the site… how do you know they’re for real? What if 30-year-old Gemma actually turns out to be 50? Or even to be James?

Of course, this cuts both ways: how will other people know that you’re who you claim to be? The online world can be a weird place, and trust is a key step on the way to making new connections in any area of life. We think we’ve found a solution to this potential minefield: get ‘Verified’.

To show that you’re a real person, simply take a picture of yourself showing the Twoo ‘Verified’ sign – the globally recognised ‘victory’ hand gesture – and submit it for review. To make the victory sign, extend and part your index and middle fingers with your palm facing away from you, while holding your other fingers down with your thumb. Just make sure your hand is the right way around, otherwise our review team might take offence!

Maria Gorskaya 2994F6B7-E076-42A6-AEBC-699B60989F9E

A handy reference to the ‘V’ of ‘Verified’, the sign lets us know that it’s really you behind the screen.

After we’ve reviewed the picture, we’ll add a green ‘Verified’ hand icon next to each confirmed user’s name. This gives you quick and clear proof while you’re browsing that you’re dealing with the genuine article. We want you to have the best time possible on our site. By giving you an authentic and safe environment in which to meet and get to know new people, we’re making sure you direct your energies at the right people: REAL people.

And here’s another victory for the verified: Twoo users with verified profiles are currently getting many more visitors and likes than those without them. Safety and success – it’s a win-win situation!

Team Twoo is currently approving thousands of users every day all over the world. So strike a pose, snap a photo and get verified TODAY.

Happy chatting, and who knows, maybe your next picture will look something like this 🙂