Revealed: Twoo’s Ultimate Party Animals



It’s Friday, and for Twoo users in most parts of the world that means it’s the weekend; time to down tools and get the party started. Twoo members everywhere have been using our Q&A feature to find out about each other’s socialising habits, so we’ve focused our latest blog post on the global search for the ultimate party. Which nations party hardest? Who are the dampest squibs? And what do Twoo users really look for in a good night out?

First up, we analysed what our members are saying about their favourite time of day. Topping the list of early birds were Poland (26%) and Vietnam (21%), while the top-ranking night owls were from Poland (39%) and the UK (28%) – Poland clearly has a healthy mix of people who are up at all hours! Members who chose the “any time” option (a slightly different proposition) overwhelmingly came from Spain (53%) and Brazil (50%). But is there a link between people who stay up at night and people who like to party? And anyway, who says that parties have to be held at night? 😉

Our next batch of questions looked at partying in the context of a broad range of other activities, including working, catching up on sleep and absorbing culture. While sorting through our users’ answers, we started to notice a trend. Throughout our surveys, one country kept coming to the fore: France! Where can you find the French at weekends? Partying! How about when they’re on holiday? Partying! Unlike the Vietnamese, British and Polish (who are always working) or the Australians (who would prefer to be off exploring the world), our French members are reliably to be found attempting to kick off the good times wherever they are!

To settle things once and for all, we decided to just come right out and ask: what is our members’ ideal night out? The results are below (and if you’ve read this far, the top nation will come as no surprise!).


So now we definitely know who wants to party, but who are the most fun people to have at your shindig? Our Vietnamese members described themselves as being the most introverted, while at the opposite end of the scale were the extroverts of Brazil (40%) and Spain (38%). When we cross-referenced this against amounts of alcohol consumed, however, we were in for a shock. Almost everyone replied that they drank at least a little, but who do you think topped out the list of members who don’t drink? Brazil (45%) and Spain (38%) – our two most outgoing member states! So alcohol is apparently not the major factor in putting together the best party possible, as long as you cram in as many natural extroverts as possible… Partying is clearly in the genes!


But where, you may be asking, were the French in all this? As we’ve seen, it’s a fair bet that they’ll be partying, but will they be any fun? Well, a whopping 66% of our French users thought so, but only if they’re in the right mood. Catch them in the right frame of mind, and your event is good to go!

Our final conclusions, then? For a crazy party full of natural carnival atmosphere at any time of day, consider heading to Brazil or Spain – but if you want a reliable night of revelry with people who really want to be there, invite your French friends!

If you disagree with our findings, why not head over to your Twoo profile and make your own impression on the stats? And wherever you are in the world, we hope you’re having fun…

Remember, this party’s just getting started!

Twoo Party HQ