France, the land of romance? Fat chance!


In honour of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d take a moment to shine a spotlight on the gooey romantic side of Twoo members. Using your answers to some of the questions in the Q&A area, we’ve been able to break down your romantic attitudes by nationality and sex. And the results may surprise you.

As a warm-up, we asked our users what they thought of romantic comedies:

a. Boring, change the channel
b. Ok some of the time
c. Heartwarming and funny

The answers showed that men are half as likely to watch romantic comedies as women – big deal, you might think, that’s obvious. But now let’s take a look at the nationalities. At the top of the pile, we’ve got Australia, Slovenia, the US and Brazil, all countries where rom-coms successfully work their magic on audiences. On the other hand, it turns out that Italians are the least likely to watch romantic comedies – and when they do watch them, they are the least likely to actually enjoy them. Our conclusion: when you want to date an Italian, pick something else to do – you’ll be much more likely to get a favourable response!

Our follow-up question asked users what they thought was romantic:

a. I’m not that into romance
b. A nice massage
c. Candle-lit dinners

Here, the answers show that Germans (56%), Brazilians (55%), Vietnamese (53%) and Polish (53%) people responded best to a romantic candle-lit dinner scenario. Surprisingly, for a nation of food lovers, it was the French (37%) who responded least well.

Turning to massage, our figures reveal that this is most preferred by the Dutch (31%), with American and Spanish users (each 28%) as runners-up. The least interested were the French and the Vietnamese, with 13% and 12% respectively. Our conclusion: if you’re looking for a romantic night of massage, set your sights on someone Dutch!

However, it was only when we looked at the users who weren’t into romance that we got a proper shock. The nation that is least interested in romance… is France. Yes, France, the most romantic country on Earth, whose language is the language of love. It turns out that 29% of our French users just aren’t into it (which perhaps doesn’t seem a lot, but the next countries down, Saudi Arabia and Belgium, only clocked in with 9%). Our conclusion: if it’s romance you’re after, head to Australia, Brazil, Slovenia or Poland!

But what do these figures actually say about us? IS ROMANCE DEAD? Of course not! Remember, everything discussed above came from a set of very specific answers to specific questions. But perhaps we were asking the wrong questions. Or perhaps Twoo members have more varied and interesting approaches to romance, wherever they live. Why not leave a comment below telling us what you REALLY find romantic? We’ll update our Q&A to include the best responses.

In the meantime, for a truly romantic time, our members have spoken – try a candle-lit dinner in Brazil!

We wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day from Twoo HQ!