Italian football fans turn to Twoo. And so do the celebrating Spaniards!


spain champions

Last night, Spain were once again crowned champions of Europe. After a thrilling game that concluded in a 4-0 victory for the team in red, the Italian fans were left standing, asking the question ‘Where do we go from here’?

The answer? To!

During the final itself, we had a 20% drop in Italian men online at As soon as the final whistle had blown, however, the number shot up by 63%; what better way to commiserate the loss than to meet some nice Italian girls and boys?

It wasn’t only the losing finalists who turned to, however. The effect was even more dramatic for the winning side. As Iniesta and co. were busy tiki-taka-ing their way to a 2nd successive European trophy, we saw a 32% decrease in logins from Spanish men, then with a 75% increase straight after the game had finished. Perhaps the increase in support from the Spanish fans saw them home?

The girls? Well let’s just say that Spanish girls are far more ardent sports fans than their Italian counterparts. Perhaps the Italian girls knew there would be more Italian men online? 😉

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We can only guess the impact of the London 2012 Olympics, as nearly every country will be watching. Stay tuned for more fun facts from!