Twoo’s great global vocabulary experiment

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Been on the receiving end of one of these conversations on Twoo recently? Then you’re probably talking to a man. Think we’re being harsh? Well, we’ve got the evidence to back up our not-at-all-sexist claims.

Twoo's great global vocabulary experiment

So, there you have it. Men – especially British men – are using a smaller range of words than women, despite chatting roughly the same amount. But why? Are men just lazy, sullen idiots with poor language skills, relying on women to provide a conversational spark? Of course not. Not all of them, anyway. We know there are plenty of articulate guys on Twoo, so what’s the deal?

In general, the more comfortable you feel with a person – whether friend, date or partner – the more you’re going to share with them. But it’s natural to be cautious when you’re meeting new people. You hold back until you’ve reached a conclusion about the person you’re chatting with. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in noncommittal, flat language and a lacklustre first impression. And that’s not going to help anyone, is it?

After consulting the brains at Twoo HQ, we’ve come up with a plan, a call to action, for both sexes:

Women: If you find yourself chatting to a monosyllabic young fellow, perhaps you hold the key to drawing him out of his shell. Remember, you’ve got the advantage in terms of vocabulary. Engage him. Encourage him. Help him to use his words by elevating the conversation beyond the usual pleasantries. You might be surprised by what you manage to coax out of him. In all other respects, stay just the way you are, you’re fine.

Men: Some people like the silent type. But that’s probably not going to work on a site like Twoo. You want to stand out from the crowd, right? If most men are using few words, try using more! Think about what you’re writing when you chat or send a message. Be interesting and show your matches that you’ve got a brain. And if that fails, get a thesaurus and pretend.

Be bold, jump in and TRY. Remember, Twoo is about FUN. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Let us know how you get on!